July 2014
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Oscar Omar Treviño Morales, Z-42, killed in Zacatecas

Unofficial sources claimed that kingpin Oscar Omar Treviño Morales (a) “The Z-42″ was killed. He is considered the number two in the new criminal structure ” Los Zetas ”


Zacatecas. – Several clashes broke out between suspected members of Los Zetas and Navy troopers in Guadeloupe and metropolitan area in the state capital.

At least seven of the alleged gunmen were killed by the marines, after which a story circulated that one of the Zetas killed was Omar Treviño Morales is “Z-42″, brother of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, The “Z-40 “, current leader of the criminal group.

Amid a total secrecy on the part of the investigating authorities and the military personnel who are guarding the area where the fighting occurred, it was confirmed that an aircraft of the Navy arrived in Zacatecas to transport the body of Omar Treviño Morales to Mexico City.

Unofficially, it was also said that two marines were injured.

The body of Omar Treviño Morales was located in a safe house where the last of four heavy gunfire clashes occurred. There were also grenade detonations and assault weapons fire from the alleged Zetas, who tried to prevent the entry of the Marines to the place.

Subsequently, intelligence Navy agents accompanied the experts of the State Attorney to transport the body and carry the weapons.

It all started at 4:00 pm today with a first exchange of gunfire between gunmen, traveling in several vehicles, and officers of the Navy on the boulevard Heroes de Chapultepec, in the town of Guadalupe.

The shooting led to a chase by the elements of the Navy following the armed group.

Grenades detonations and gunfire continued in downtown Guadalupe, where according to reports the gunmen stopped the car in which they traveled and ran, with the Marines in pursuit.

The gunmen reached the safehouse where the last firefight took place. Two men in an armored vehicle opened fire on the marines, who responded with a grenade that shattered windows of neighboring houses. After the Marines entered the house, the battle continued against three men and two women who had barricaded themselves inside.