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Two more women dead in Baja


by K. Mennem / Reader

Two more women have been reported killed in Baja California this week. Details on the possible murders have been scarce, but authorities stated that one woman was killed in Tecate and another in Rosarito.

The reports of these deaths follow the murders of two young women near Ensenada. 22 year old Ixchel Leilani Domínguez Carrillo and 20 year old Christy Alejandra Uribe Ortiz were found dead nearly a week after they disappeared in a rural area east of Ensenada. Original reports stated the bodies had no signs of violence, but a more recent report by authorities has stated the women were executed by gunshots to the head.

Another young woman from Tijuana has been missing since the afternoon September 1st. 23 year old Magaly Salazar Bravo went missing after being dropped off by her mom near the Cesun University. Authorities have stated they have leads on the case, but have not disclosed details.

Authorities have stressed that a serial killer is not on the loose, nor is femicide occurring. The Attorney General’s office claims that the deaths have been due to the personal activity of the women and that they are not victims of a human or sex trafficking ring.


the previous murders

Bodies of missing women found near Ensenada

The bodies of two young women who went missing near Ensenada on August 30th were recovered Tuesday evening, September 4th. The bodies were recovered on a rural road not far from where they were reported missing.

22 year old Ixchel Leilani Domínguez Carrillo and 20 year old Christy Alejandra Uribe Ortiz, the victims, were visiting Ojos Negros Ranch the day they went missing. The two women never returned from their trip, which is about a 30 minute drive east of Ensenada. reported that the bodies were discovered unbound and without physical harm. Dust reportedly covered the bodies which lied about 5 meters apart.

Officials are investigating the incident as a possible double homicide.

and the missing girl

Tijuana woman missing, social-media users express concerns for safety of young women

A 23 year old woman in Tijuana who vanished on Saturday, September 1st, is still missing, according to family members. Magaly Salazar Bravo was dropped off by her mother near the Cesun University early Saturday afternoon, but has not been seen since.

Social media users have expressed concerns for the safety of young women across Baja, as two young women were found dead Tuesday near Ensenada. Some Facebook and Twitter users in the Tijuana area are afraid college age women are being targeted.

Authorities have stated that the two cases are the only women who have been reported missing recently and that there is no need for panic.