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Zona Rosa: Eleven Missing in Mexico City Mass Kidnap

Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa

Eleven Missing in Mexico Mass Kidnap; Masked Men Enter Zona Rosa Bar, Abducting Young Victims


by Bianca Tan | Latinos Post

Eleven young people inexplicably vanished on Sunday morning after spending the night at a bar in Mexico City.

Authorities are investigating on the apparent abduction of the youths after partying at a bar in Zona Rosa, near the Angel of Independence Monument-an area popular for its restaurants and night spots. Reports say the masked gunmen kidnapped the young ones in broad daylight.

According to FOX News, the abduction happened on Sunday, sometime between 10 am and 12 noon. Just a block and a half from the US Embassy, gunmen showed up at the bar where the eleven were; however, Yahoo! Reports the men initially had no intentions of kidnapping the young people.

“At first, it appeared that their goal was not to take the youths but to rob them. However, they took them in the end,” an official told the site. The source, who asked for anonymity, also said it is still unclear whether the theft and abduction happened inside or outside the bar.

While police are still not zeroing in on a case of kidnapping-with public security chief, Jesus Rodriguez, saying it is still “unclear whether or not it was kidnapping”-the victims’ parents say there’s no other reason for the loss of their children.

Leticia Ponce, mother of one of the missing victims, said her son wasn’t part of any gang and that abduction is the only logical explanation for the incident.

“It was definitely an armed group, we don’t know from where. They arrived at the bar and told them there would be a (police) operation,” Ponce, whose 16-year-old son is among the missing, told MVS radio. She hopes the police will start looking at security camera footages to find clarity in the incident.

City prosecutors report eleven missing people-six men, four young women and a 16-year-old boy. However, the victims’ parents say as many as 16 people have been part in the abduction.

As of now, no reports have been revealed on the motives of the kidnapping. However, the neighborhood of Tepito, where the victims live, have seen a number of abduction in just past few months-mainly being attributed to the black market activities in the area, including the sale of drugs, guns and stolen items.

Just a few weeks ago, the grandson of American Civil Rights Activist Malcolm X, was beaten to death at a bar in the downtown area as well. The area has always been known for its unregulated night-life entertainment scene.


Weird case. We got reports about it days ago but it has been handled very quietly by authorities. Zona Rosa is an upscale touristic district in downtown Mexico City.